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coming soon the 'swap the loop' platform

swap the loopclothes swap marketplace

where swapping is just like shopping

Say no to your overcrowded wardrobe and
hello to your limitless fashion style

Everyone gets sick of their clothes eventually. Even our tastes change, so why should we be limited by the clothes we buy?

Search the marketplace for every item we've sold from our store. Clicking an item, you can connect with other customers who have purchased that product. From there you can offer your pre-loved clothes Loop garment for trade. Through the platform, you can negotiate and arrange swaps directly with the owner.
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trade directly with other fellow customers

The biggest barrier in trading clothes is finding someone who wants your item and has something worth trading. What better way to find the perfect pair, than to match people who have shopped from the same place

Search the marketplace of every item we've sold from our store. Clicking an item, you can connect with other customers who have purchased that product. Here you can offer your pre-loved clothes loop item as 'currency'.

only keep
what you

take back your wardrobe space

Wardrobe full of clothes and still nothing to wear? Curate your clothes instead and define your style. Wore that dress just a few times? Swap it! Need something affordable for the next event coming up? Search our store or our swap platform and explore your global wardrobe.


stop unecessary fashion waste

As a retailer, we believe we can be more responsible of the clothes we sell, especially when it leaves our customers hands. We do our best to make sure our garments are worn to its fullest capacity before it inevitably ends up in landfill.

By extending the life of our clothes by 9 months, we would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30% each.** Now isn't that something worth trading for?
**www.wrap.org.uk/clothingsurvey, Wrap Valuing our clothes

The more clothes we sell, the sooner you can swap

We're excited to launch the platform to the public, but we need your help! The more clothes we put into our customer's hands, the sooner we can launch the platform with a vast selection of clothing for you to trade for. So get involved, shop from our store, upload and swap your own frocks on our temporary Facebook swap group and spread the word. Our goal is to give you the best clothing experience so we're open to all kinds of suggestions. For any ideas please send us a message to: [email protected]


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We can't wait to start swapping, so we decided to create a facebook swap and sell group page where you can try your hand at swapping straight away.

Oh and its not limited to Clothes Loop clothing either!
So join the group today.