How it works

How clothes loop works the

all our items are swapable

Upgrade your wardrobe without any limitations. Shop from us knowing you'll be able to trade your outfit afterwards using our Clothes Swapping Platform (coming soon). We hand select our collections with quality and longevity in mind. Unlike other retailers, we do care about the value that our customers receive from our products.

Express your true style

Who says you can't have it all? Explore your individual style by swapping your outfits. Mix and match old and new styles together and never have a dull look again.

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Wear as long was you want

If you want to keep your outfit forever, that’s great! However, if you feel like moving on to something new, you can use our clothes swapping service any time-No restrictions whatsoever.


Our service will match users together, however we don’t conduct the swapping transactions. This means our customers are responsible for arranging swaps between themselves. We recommend that our customers take care of their outfits by following the laundry instructions and avoiding activities that could damage or permanently stain the outfits.

3.swap to
your look

Register your outfit to trade

Registering your garment ID is required if you want to use the Clothes Swapping Platform. We use this to record the amount of clothes that are in the system and allows us to match you with the right people to trade with. Registering your product will also bring us closer to launching the platform and notify you when we do so!


1. Locate the garment ID

Your unique garment ID is located on the inside of your frock, on either the laundry tag, Button or the swing tag.

< ID located on your garment
2. Register your ID

Please register this ID to your account.

Register your outfit


Shopped from us and feel like a change?
Swap your garment instead!

In just a click, you can trade for outfit with other fellow customers who are just like you. All you have to do is pick an outfit you want and offer to swap with their owners, no effort needed!

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That's great! Now the next step is to register your garment ID, this way we can notify you when when the platform arrives and we know how many people are in the system to match you with.

Register your garment Here
Congratulations on your new purchase! The platform will launch as soon as we have enough users similar to you to match you with. Make sure you've registered your garment ID in the meantime to get a notification when the platform launches. Follow us on Insta, Facebook or sign up to our email mailing list to be in the loop
We charge a small trading fee to every new owner of the garment after the first trade. For example, if you purchased the item from our store, your item is automatically listed onto our swap platform and you can trade it straight away for free.

However, for items that have been traded to you and you are the new owner. If you wish to use the service again to trade, a fee applies. All fees are calculated separately according to the garments original value.
Yes you can. However, the benefits of trading Clothes Loop clothing is that we can provide you a more reliable, enjoyable and secure swapping experience. With non-Clothes Loop clothing we cannot guarantee this.

We believe that all clothes deserve a chance and our service can match you with the right people in the best way possible. In the meantime, if you can't wait to start swapping, please join our Facebook Swap Sell and Buy group . We will manage this group to get you to start swapping straight away.

When we launch the official swapping platform, you will be able to upload your own clothes into the platform. Follow us on Insta, Facebook or sign up to our email mailing list to be notified when we launch.
Having a wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear is a universal problem for all genders! Currently we're catering to womenswear only, however we hope to have a menswear line in the near future. With plenty of interest we'll explore this more, so we'd love to hear from you! Shoot us a message at [email protected] .
Currently we are focusing on Australian customers. However wherever you are, we'd love to hear from you and perhaps we'll look into ways of reaching you! Give us a shout at [email protected]
The policy

Firstly, please check to see if you’re eligible for a return by checking the points below:

  • Goods are within 14 days of purchase with proof of purchase
  • Item was not worn, altered, washed or soiled by the wearer
  • The Clothes Loop garment ID has not been removed and the original hang tags are still attached
  • If the above conditions are met, please send an email to: [email protected] with proof and your reason for exchange or refund. From there your case will be managed by our support team


    Clothes Loop does not issue refunds unless required by law. We can only exchange items for the same purchase value or a credit note.
    Credit notes will include the original postage price, however you are required to return the product back to us.

    If you are located in Melbourne you may return the product back in person to our Melbourne CBD office location (Address will be given upon contact).

    If you choose to return your item via postage this will come at the cost of the sender. In this event we recommend that you have a tracking number as we are not responsible for any items lost during transit.

    Exceptions are made in cases where products were sold faulty or misleading, so please send us an email as we treat all matters on a case-by-case basis.

    Please note that we do not accept the reasons of 'change of mind' for cases outside the policy. In this event, we suggest to swap your items instead on our platform!