About Us & Our Story

Turning the fashion business model on its head

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Fashion’s biggest problem is what happens to frocks after they leave the store. With the growing wardrobe dissatisfaction, we wanted to create a way to allow us to easily enjoy new and old fashion, in a way that would also reduce our eco-footprint.

Clothes Loop is the first fashion retailer in Australia that provides its customers a service to trade their clothes afterwards. This means fashion lovers are able to try the latest styles without sacrificing wardrobe space, for the fraction of the cost of buying new, whilst keeping clothing out of landfills.

We are driven by the idea that fashion doesn’t have to be synonymous with wasteful consumption, and that it’s possible for everyone of all budgets to have an amazing wardrobe and be sustainable at the same time.

Our vision to redefine fashion 

We envision a world where we are not limited by our clothes. Where you can freely change your style without impacting the environment or the lives that help bring us the garments we love and enjoy.

At the heart of our system are people who want to be part of the wider collective; the game changers, the innovators, and those who are tired of being limited by the clothes they wear. The challenge for us is to go against the current attitudes that have been the standard for too long. Instead, we want to redefine fashion and show the new alternative; where fashion is inclusive, not exclusive. 

Our Journey

Clothes Loop was Founded by Rose Duong in 2014. 

Clothes Loop follows the principles of a self-sustaining trade base, answering to the complexities behind clothes swapping, clothes shopping and clothing waste management. Clothes Loop has since then been exhibited through Sustainability festivals, entered in competitions, won awards and featured in publications.

Rose insists she's not a nerd, just kind of passionate.

Joined by fellow Fashion Designer and culture maker, Brooke Baria, the duo plan to influence and inspire the local community to help shake up the industry.

We are incredibly humbled by the amount of support we've received in our journey and hope to eventually make good on our word and the world.

Rose & Brooke xo